Welcome to Maria

Maria is the approved TFL fanlisting based on the character 'Shadow the Hedgehog' from the newer Sonic the Hedgehog game 'Sonic Adventure 2' and 'Sonic Adventure 2 Battle' for Dreamcast and Gamecube.

Maria is also the approved fanlisting for Sonic X: Shadow the Hedgehog character for the Anime Fanlistings.

Maria is ALSO the approved TFL fanlisting for the game 'Shadow the Hedgehog' for Gamecube/PS2/XBOX which stars none other than Shadow the Hedgehog.

If you would like to learn more about Shadow and the game, click on the links to the right. --> If you would like to join the fanlistings, click on the links to the left. The Shadow the Hedgehog fanlisting is the top link, the Sonic X fanlisting is the SECOND LINK. PLEASE BE SURE TO APPLY FOR THE CORRECT FANLISTING <--

Last Update: December.02.2006