You must support Shadow! That's the first and foremost rule.

Please when you are filling out the join form, erase the writing in the box before typing your own information

A website is not needed to be a member of the Shadow the Hedgehog fanlisting! However, if you are applying with a website than please be sure to take note of the following...

This site isn't elite, so pretty much anyone can get in. Just please, have a halfway decent site, with working pages.

If you are applying with a website you MUST put up a link back here. Please get the code before or right after you apply. No code, no linking to the website. I will then link you as an email only member.

I will not accept websites where I must login or join the site to see your site. Nor will I accept websites that isn't rated PG-13.

Where it says shadow, type 'chaos control' so I know you have read the rules.